"I have recently completed my first purchase from Jen Cameron via her GlassAddictions.com site. I am delighted with the stunning lampwork headpins that I ordered. Her work is intriguing in the photos and exceptional in person. This site was very easy to navigate, my order arrived quickly, and was packaged extremely well. A perfect transaction from start to finish. I'll definitely be back!"

--Janet Loomis, Anvilartifacts


"Glass Addiction, what a perfect name for this site. Just looking at the stunning pieces for sale, you know that Jennifer has an addiction for glass, but it does not stop there. Jennifer continues with price, quality and service, this is reflected on this website with its ease of use, the great pictures, and a smooth purchasing transaction. Then the best part, when the package arrives, you see Jennifer's amazing work and you are addicted. Thanks Jennifer, I will be back."

--R. Scott Bjorge


"I ordered two focal beads from Jennifer through her store, and they arrived in perfect condition. Her close-up photos do such a great job of showing off her work, so you really know what the pieces look like. Ordering through the shop was simple and trouble-free, and the package arrived quickly." 



"I purchased Glass Addictions art beads specifically for the international bead and jewelry arts event, the Bead Soup Blog Party. I wanted to give my partner the finest to create with, and Jennifer Cameron's beads are the best!  The quality and beauty of the lampwork, as well as fast shipping and a beautiful presentation, make Glass Addictions a wonderful choice. Cameron's work is indeed exquisite, but even more so -- her work is created with a love for jewelry arts and lampworking that shines through brilliantly in every bead she creates."

- Toltec Jewels, Jewel School Friends