Bead Fest or Bust!

Tomorrow morning I leave for Bead Fest (booth 559...stop by and say hello!) I can hardly wait. Not because I'm ready (I'm not). Not because I have loads of beads to sell (I don't). But because once I walk out the door, there's nothing else I can do. And that will be relaxing. And then I can meet and hang out with some beady people. Right now I am so tired. I wish it was from exhaustion from making so many beads. However, I am trying to make what I can when I have time because life doesn't stop just because you have a show. School supplies to buy, paperwork to fill out, last minute appointments to schedule, orientations to attend. I had to take a day off to turn 40 (like that wouldn't have happened anyway. lol!) One kid had to be driven 3.5 hours away to be dropped off for school.

Dropped off the big bad sophomore at school today. *sniff*

  The other kid started 7th grade yesterday

First day of 7th grade.

  I also had to drive hubs to the airport yesterday at 5am so he can be with his grandma when she has surgery today. I will be picking him up at the Pittsburgh airport on my way to Bead Fest. How crazy is that??? If this bead thing doesn't work out I should get a job as a chauffeur. It would be nice to get paid for all the driving I do (220,000 miles on my car and counting!) I haven't taken any good photos of what I'll be taking with me, but I will take some later today when the light conditions are better. But here are a few quick and dirty shots of beads still on the mandrel:

 This morning's kiln harvest. jennifer cameron glass addictions

This morning's kiln harvest #lampwork #thisartistslife #glassaddictions #artjewelryelements #beadfest

Not my usual style. But the fam says make more #glassaddictions #thisartistslife

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Just popped this one into the kiln. The base color is actually called spring green, but looks orange because i just took it out of the flame. #lampwork #glassaddictions This bead is actually a lime green and not a pumpkin orange. It looks that color because I had just taken it out of the flame and snapped a quick pic[/caption]  

 Design inspired by mercury glass #lampwork #glassaddictions

  Several of my Art Jewelry Elements mates will be vending or shopping at Bead Fest this weekend. I can hardly wait to meet them in person. I ordered a stack of AJE postcards. I would love to increase our readership, because I have some excellent artists/writers/people on my team.

 The huge box of postcards have arrived! We will be debuting these at #beadfest next week. #artjewelryelements #aje

  We (AJE members who are vending at Bead Fest) also decided to take out an ad in the directory, which totally looks amazing thanks to Karen Totten


Kristen Stevens sent me this necklace she made with one of my Nightnare Insomnia series beads to display at my booth. I can't even imagine trying to make something like this

Gorgeous necklace designed by Kristen Stevens using one of my lampwork beads as the focal.

Enough rambling for today. I need to save some rambling for my post on AJE tomorrow :) I will try to update my blog while I'm at Bead Fest. But if I don't, you can always follow my adventures on Facebook or on Instagram.

If the studio is a dungeon, audiobooks are the jailer

I am not particularly good at lampworking before about 2pm. It takes me that long to fully wake up and start feeling the mojo. However. With the current schedule, that will not get a booth filled for Bead Fest.   [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500"]Morning light view of the neighbor's boats with the sun rising in the background.[/caption]   For example, here's yesterday's schedule: 6:30am-wake up. Drag kids out of bed. 7:50am-leave the lake house in Angola for downtown Ft Wayne. 9am-drop daughter off at camp 9:10am-drop son off at bus station 9:35am-arrive at our Ft Wayne house (which is where my studio is located) 10am-ideally? start torching! in actuality? Scan facebook, blog, play with the dogs, do a few chores, look at the veggie garden...etc etc. 3:30p-shut down the torch, bleed the line, put the kiln in ramp down mode, leave the house 4p-get daughter 4-6p-get a snack and wait around for daughter's play rehearsal to start (located a few blocks from camp) 6:30p-meet son and husband for sushi 8p-get daughter from rehearsal and take her to a medieval dancing thing a few blocks away at the main library. 9p-leave library and get dinner for her. 10p-arrive back at the lake house. Do some reading and collapse into bed. As you can see, being disciplined during the hours available to torch is kind of really important. I have found the best way for me to be productive is audiobooks. I'm currently on the second book of the Game of Thrones series

Game of Thrones

It took me awhile to get into the first book in the series, but it has my attention now. And since I only allow myself to listen while working or in the car while driving, it motivates me to get to work.

Using the Audible App on my iPhone has been the best method of listening to audiobooks. I can take my book with me anywhere and listen anytime. The Audible account is mine, but my family has all downloaded the app onto their various devices...phones, iPods, and iPads. We can each download any of the books I've purchased on the account and listen to them when we want. It saves the location where we stopped listening each time. I personally love it. My husband was the last to start using it, but ever since I set it up for him, he listens in the car and has told me how much he loves it (I've even caught him sitting in the driveway listening in his car to "finish a chapter").

If you look at my stats, you can tell when I'm getting ready for a show. My last show was the first week in April. After that I spent the spring and summer as my daughter's minion.

My Audible Stats

I recently made an impulse purchase of an iHome stereo system. I got mine on sale at Target for $60. It's purple instead of boring black. I didn't expect much for the $60 price tag.

iHome stereo system

However, it's been wonderful! It's loud and clear enough to hear over the noise of the torch, the exhaust fan, the oxygen concentrator, and the kiln. Plus it charges my phone at the same time. Not only do the audiobooks help me keep working, but I get to "read" so many more books than I would otherwise. In fact, I would never pick up Game of Thrones to read with my eyes.

Do you listen to audibooks? What are some of your favorites? Or do you prefer music? Television?

Bead Fest Prep and what I did for summer vacation

I've been neglecting my little blog and my readers too. I really hate that, so I will post more regularly. Even if it's just quickies....because once a month is never enough. Here's what I've been up to: The summer has been non-stop driving kids around. It still is. My soon to be sophomore in high school got an internship with our city bus system. He takes the bus lots of places, but I have to drive him to the bus station. Since we are living at the lake house for July, it's a 1 hour commute to downtown.

First day wearing his official #citilink polo for his internship.

My soon to be 7th grader got the lead princess in a local musical comedy and just started week 3 out of a 3 week day camp where they start with nothing and end with a musical. The kids (all middle school age) do the writing, choreography, costumes, acting, etc. She told me yesterday that they will even get to meet with the director of the Embassy theatre to "negotiate" the details of their performance (if they had to rent the space, etc). They perform their creation this coming Saturday.


  In June my husband spent nearly 2 weeks in Ethiopia doing a medical mission. I wrote about it on Art Jewelry Elements if you want to learn more about what he did and the jewelry he bought while there.

A few days after he got home, we went to Florida for a family reunion (I took zero pictures!). The day we got back from our week in Florida, I unpacked, did laundry, and repacked for a filming trip to northern Michigan (Mackinaw City, Mackinac Island, etc.). My daughter is one of the main characters in a film called Street Symphony being produced by a local company called Windsong Pictures. (That's her on the right)  


We had our annual 4th of July party. It was probably the biggest one yet.

Happy 4th! And I apologize in advance to our poor garbage men who probably hate us this time of year.

  We've had lots of family and friends at the lake house this month

The water mat is a hit! I'm not sure they're going to come back... #lakejamesindiana #slumberparty

  And I've started working really really hard to try to get enough beads to fill booth #559 at Bead Fest Philly August 23-25. Most of my posts for the next month will center around what I'm making and what I'm taking.


  I hang out a little (too much!) on Facebook. I often share photos of things I'm working on. If you're on Facebook, I would love for you to like my page! I also post some stuff on Instagram and would love for you to follow me there. I will be back tomorrow, so please stop by again!

AJE June Component of the Month Reveal

Jenny Davies-Reazor, mixed media artist extraordinaire, created these darling charms for the June Component of the Month design challenge:  

 AND she sent each of us TWO of these to work with. I decided to take the path of least resistance and make earrings. Because my brain is so fried right now, plus I've been home for about 5 minutes in the last 3 weeks...

June 2013 Component of the Month Reveal

No matter how I tried to do use a different color lampwork with these, I kept going back to yellow. These charms wanted their partners to be yellow. So I complied. Also, I decided to do earrings that aren't totally the same. I didn't go crazy or anything, as this is about as much as I can handle.

June 2013 component of the month

Please take a few moments to visit the other designers for the month:

Guest artists:

The AJE Team

Jennifer Cameron - are here! Jenny Davies-Reazor  -  Susan Kennedy  - Linda Landig - Melissa Meman   - Rebekah Payne  - Jo Tinley  - Lesley Watt  - Francesca Watson  - Diana Ptaszynski   - Kristi Bowman - Kristen Stevens  -

AJE May Component of the Month Reveal

Every month one of the Art Jewelry Elements team members hosts a design challenge in which they provide a component for their teammates plus a couple guest designers to design with. This month Sue Kennedy of Sue Beads is our hostess. She provided each of us with one of these darling ruffled disc "flower" beads. I got the one on the top right in the below photo.  

I think one of the most difficult aspects of this monthly challenge is the overwhelming desire to "do the component justice." To that end, I, and probably a few others, have a tendency to try to really go all out on the design. However, this time I decided in advance I was not going to fall into that trap. I wanted to keep it simple and wearable for summer. I hate heavy or bulky jewelry in the heat and humidity of summer. It just adds to my personal discomfort. This little flower disc screamed summertime jewelry.

So here's what I came up with:

#aje may component of the month jennifer cameron glass addictions

First I decided I wanted the flower disc to be facing outward so it continued to look like a flower. Plus Sue layered several beautiful transparent colors, and those would have been lost if I had simply strung the bead. One of the challenges of transparent glass, especially when it isn't really thick, is that putting it against the skin or clothing that isn't white can muddy the gorgeous colors. So my first task was to back the bead with something.

I decided to cut out and dome a disc of silver. I put two holes in the disc. One close to center and one close to the edge for hanging. Using one of my copper lampwork headpins, I attached Sue's bead to the silver using one of my lampwork headpins I had laying around. Then added a jumpring. I wanted to add a little extra something above the pendant, and noticed this bead by Karen Totten sitting in a bowl on my bench and decided it was perfect. So I wired it into a link and attached it to the pendant on one end and chain on the other. Now there are 3 components by 3 different AJE team members in one simple necklace. #nofilter by GlassAddictions, on Flickr" href=""> #nofilter" src="/sites/" alt="#aje may component of the month #glassaddictions #lampwork #nofilter" width="500" height="500" />

The chain is simply some bulk chain I had on hand that I cut to size and added a simple lobster claw clasp. And that's it. Super simple, but I super love it.

Take a few minutes to go see what others made with Sue's beads.

Guest Bloggers

Lorelei Eurto Birgitta Lejonklou Heidi Post Lola Surwillo Kay Thomerson

AJE Team

Jennifer Cameron Jenny Davies-Reazor Susan Kennedy Linda Landig Melissa Meman Rebekah Payne Kristen Stevens Jo Tinley Francesa Watson Lesley Watt

AJE April Component of the Month Reveal

Yours truly was the hostess for the April Component of the month over at Art Jewelry Elements. I decided to provide headpins this time. The choice was between Murrini topped headpins:

Glass Addictions by Jen Cameron murrini glass headpins

    Or copper spiral encased in glass headpins:

Glass Addictions by Jen Cameron spiral bubble glass headpins

  I used a couple of very pale pink spiral headpins (difficult to see the color in the photo) plus a couple of cones (usually used on the ends of bracelets and necklaces) to make a pair of earrings. I actually made several pairs similar to this in different colors and different cone styles. However, I sold all but this pair a couple weeks ago.  

Spiral lampwork headpin earrings jen cameron glass addictions

Unfortunately I have not had time to add either style of headpin to my etsy shop. While I do have some still floating around, most would be made to order anyway. So if you would like some headpins, please leave a comment below or email me at so we can discuss colors, etc.

Make sure to stop by and see the other designers. The links are located at Art Jewelry Elements or you can go directly to their blogs from here.

Guest Designers:

Erin Prais-Hintz

Kathy Lindemer

Alice Peterson

AJE Team:

Susan Kennedy

Jenny Davies-Reazor

Lesley Watt

Melissa Meman

Linda Landig

Jen Cameron <-----you are here

On May 1st (tomorrow), Sue Kennedy will be announcing her May Component of the Month. Make sure you stop by Art Jewelry Elements tomorrow for more details on how you can be a guest designer.

Shopping for Glass Addictions in a bricks and mortar Shop

The first day of the Indiana Artisan Marketplace is always for retailers. They have the opportunity to shop wholesale from the artisans who want to sell wholesale (not all do). I have developed a few lines over the last couple years specifically for wholesale. However, most retailers that come through want consignment relationships. While I do have 1-3 consignment locations at any given time, I am not really interested in more. This year Michael and Susan of Interior Objects in Lafayette, IN came through and placed an order for the shop. I shipped it off yesterday. This means that soon you will be able to see, touch and purchase Glass Addictions in Lafayette. I've been told by folks local to the area that Interior Objects is a great shop. I'm hoping to get down there soon.   I sent some pendants

Pendants #glassaddictions #lampwork glass addictions jen cameron

    Some Lampworkified Keys

Lampworkified Keys glass addictions jen cameron

    And some Lampwork Lollipop necklaces:

Lampwork Lollipop Necklaces jen cameron glass addictions

Art Jewelry Elements Component of the Month Design Challenge Reveal for March

Looking for Bead Soup? Check out the post below this one. Each month one of the Art Jewelry Elements team members hosts the "Component of the Month" design challenge. They create a few handmade, high quality components for use in a jewelry design. They then send one of these components to some AJE team mates. In addition, each month 2-5 guest designers are randomly selected. Joanne Tinley was the host for March. She made these fabulous hollow copper lentils and even wrote up a tutorial on how to make your own hollow beads. copper hollow lentil beads by joanne tinley When I got my bead, I was surprised at how small it was! I admit to being concerned at giving Joanne's gorgeous bead proper could easily get lost in a design with too much going on. But how to make this little guy the star of the show? I considered this question for a while. I came up with ideas then discarded them almost immediately. Then I had a sudden brainstorm. What if I did a bracelet using no other copper except Joanne's bead? And what if all the silver beads were similarly shaped? Hmmm.... But then what would I use as spacers? Not crystals. Not more silver. I have a buttload of gemstones that I never use. Kyanite sticks are perfect! However, between the tiny holes in the lentils and the tiny holes in the Kyanite, I had to use beading wire. Oh how I despise beading wire...

Working on the #ajecom reveal for Monday Jen cameron glass addictions art jewelry elements

And I needed to figure out a way to work some lampwork in there so it looks like it belongs. So here's what I came up with

March #artjewelryelements component of the month design challenge #ajecom jen cameron glass addictions

People, I have a TON of Hill Tribe silver that I NEVER USE (except for the teeny tiny spacer type beads). I bought a bunch because I loved it, and I still do. But it ended up that it really isn't my style.

March #artjewelryelements component of the month design challenge reveal #ajecom Jennifer Cameron glass addictions

Creating this bracelet caused me all kinds of uncomfortable...beading wire and Hill Tribe silver a single bracelet! But I love it. I kind of want to keep it, but it will be going to the Indiana Artisan Marketplace with me next weekend to see if anyone wants to adopt it (for a small adoption fee, of course!) You can see what others made by following this link to the post on Art Jewelry Elements that contains the list of designers.

Bead Soup Reveal 2013

Hello! Thanks for joining the party! I know you have a lot of partying to do this weekend, so I'm going to keep it short. Lots of photos, not as many words. I introduced my partner, Shari Replogle, a couple weeks ago. Here is the bead soup she sent me: upload I made a few things and still have lots of leftovers. The way I work with the various bead soups I have received over the years is to tackle the most challenging component first. In this case, it was the bird focal made out of ceramic transferware dating in the 1870's that Shari soldered into a pendant. I love the color, but it's a larger scale than what I'm used to working with. I made a couple pathetic sketches, which unfortunately do not translate well on the scanner due to the squares and my light pencil scratches. Drawing it out helped me see a couple potential landmines...mainly, the beak sliding down and pecking the wearer's breast. Not cool. Here's what I came up with Bead Soup blog party 2013 Jennifer Cameron glass addictions I was going to make a figure 8 or something similar out of wire to separate the chain and keep it from laying over or under the bird beak. But then I saw the guts from a watch and it worked perfectly. What you cannot see in the photo is a lobster claw clasp attaches at the top of the watch guts. Bead Soup blog party 2013 Jennifer Cameron glass addictions Close up of watch guts: Bead Soup blog party 2013 Jennifer Cameron glass addictions I wanted a method to balance the bird so the beak didn't face down. I attached a tassel made from the etched bullet casing Shari sent me in the center of the bird's belly, then attached a bunch of random beads to the chain...most of which came from previous bead soups I've received. Bead Soup blog party 2013 Jennifer Cameron glass addictions Another view of the bullet casing and beads: Bead Soup blog party 2013 Jennifer Cameron glass addictions I am super happy with how this turned out! Next I needed to use the clasp. This design turned out pretty close to my original vision. I made the "sea glass" sticks. They are just lampwork beads that I tumbled in silicon carbide grit. Bead Soup blog party 2013 Jennifer Cameron glass addictions For this one, I used the purple stone focal, the stone donut toggle, and a couple tiny stone spacers from the soup. Bead Soup blog party 2013 Jennifer Cameron glass addictions I really love these two shell beads that I've had forever and never used (I have an entire strand of these shell beads!) Bead Soup blog party 2013 Jennifer Cameron glass addictions And last, but not least, I made a pair of earrings from a couple of the etched and domed discs Shari made and sent me. Bead Soup blog party 2013 Jennifer Cameron glass addictions I still have some soup leftover and have plans for a viking knit bracelet with some of the other parts, but ran out of time. Make sure you visit Shari to see what she made with the soup I sent her then see what everyone else made. You can get the links to the other party-ers here: upload

New Beads

I've spent loads of time over the last week or so making beads. I haven't photographed most of them. Too busy trying to have enough stuff to make jewelry with for my upcoming show (Indiana Artisan, 1st weekend of April, Indiana State Fairgrounds in Indianapolis). But here are a few new beads still on the mandrel:

Experiments in beadmaking Jen Cameron Glass Addictions

I got some new glass

The new glass I'm playing with today Jen Cameron Glass Addictions

and made these beads with it:

A few new beads using Ossa by DoublehelixGlassworks Jen Cameron Glass Addictions

These aren't beads, but I did make them several years ago. (WARNING! Proud mom moment). They are all dressed up because they both participated in MMUN (Montessori Model United Nations) My daughter was a delegate for Myanmar (our city has the largest Burmese population outside of Myanmar), and my son was on the dais.

The kids all dressed up for Montessori Model United Nations. Chloe is a delegate for Burma. Ethan is on the dais.

A few weeks ago hubs and I went to Florida because he was taking a review course for his boards recert coming up at the end of March. He was busy. I wasn't. The weather was perfect and I enjoyed the relaxation and extra sleep. A couple mornings I did wake up a bit early. One of the first things I would do is look out the window. There would be little messages spelled out in towels on the pool chairs:

What I saw when I looked out the window this morning

What I saw when I looked out the window this morning

I kind of love that idea...waking up to a surprise little motivational message. Maybe I will try to do something like that for my family. Although I kind of wish they would do it for me instead. lol! Have a great week. I've been trying to update my facebook page more frequently with lots of photos and "stuff". So if you like that sort of thing (eye candy, etc), then make sure you like the Glass Addictions facebook page.
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