2014 Art Charm Swap and Beads of Courage Benefit Auction Sign-Ups


Glass Headpins and Handmade Copper Discs: Kristi Bowman's Earring Designs

Kristi Bowman loves making earrings. In fact, she is a contributor for Earrings Everyday. Take a look at what she's been making with my murrini headpins and her handformed copper discs recently:

August Component of the Month Reveal

I can't remember the last time I made jewelry. It's been a loooong time, though. Partly because I was unable to (I still can't close a jump ring), and partly due to lack of time while prepping for Bead Fest.

When things just don't go as planned...

Two weeks ago today I had surgery to fix my broken elbow (of course it was my right arm. Yes, I'm right handed. Very right handed). If you don't follow my Facebook page, you may be like "What? Back up!" 


The next day:

Waxed Linen Jewelry Blog Hop

About a month ago, Diana P. realized she was on a mega waxed linen kick and decided to host a blog hop. The requirement being participants make jewelry using waxed linen. I've never used waxed linen before. So I decided sure, why not. So I ordered some waxed linen. I couldn't decide what color to get. So I got all of them. 

AJE Component of the Month for April

It's time for another installment of the monthly design challenge we refer to as the AJE Component of the Month. Each month a member of my team at Art Jewelry Elements provides a handmade art jewelry component to several team mates plus a few guest designers with the simple rule that they must use the component in a design. Then we all reveal at the end of the month. 

Video Demo for Using a Bellflower Press

I had requests on my Facebook page to share how the Bellflower Press works. So my 12 year old daughter filmed me, helped me cut the 6 minute video down to 1.5 minutes, showed me how to do voiceover, and decided the video needed a music background. 


She did a great job! I definitely could not have done this without her. 

Valentines Day and Indiana Art Fair Recap

Did you all have a great Valentines Day weekend? Mine was a bit...unconventional... And I suppose it isn't technically over. 

First show of the year is this weekend!

Good morning! Hope you're staying warm/dry wherever you are. It's been so bitterly cold with storms marching across twice a week since Christmas, that I am so grateful for the few days of sunshine this week (even though it's still really cold). I took this photo yesterday morning after the freezing fog cleared off and just left the freezing part on the trees and the beautiful sunshine. It was about -10 when I took this photo. I was very quick about it. Brrrr!

Art Jewelry Elements January Component of the Month Reveal

For the January challenge, the talented mixed media artist Jenny Davies-Reazor created personalized focals for each participant. 

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