February Component of the Month Reveal - Healed Hearts

When Jenny was making these polymer clay hearts, she had the idea of "Kinsugi" in mind, in which a broken piece of pottery is repaired and the repair embellished with gold leaf. I absolutely LOVE them. And as usual, I forgot to take a photo of it before starting. 

Dragons - The December Theme Challenge Reveal

Art Elements hosts a quarterly themed challenge, and for the final challenge of 2016, the theme was dragons. I love dragons and would have loved to participate more fully, but December y'all. Plus I'm not super awesome at getting things done in advance as my super power alias is "The Procrastinator." Also, I had surgery the 22nd and on crutches for 6 weeks afterwards, which didn't help much. But enough with the lame excuses!  

I first considered doing something in dragon scale chainmaille weave since it's one of my favorite weaves visually and I haven't done chainmaille in a loooong time. Then I never got around to ordering rings. So that is a problem. Here's a piece I made back in 2012 (!) with a dragon scale weave in the center section.



November Component of the Month Design Challenge Reveal with Guest Ceramic Artist Kristie Roeder


This month was a special design challenge over on Art Elements because we recruited guest component maker Kristie Roeder to host the challenge. She supplied six designers with the above ceramic and glass donuts. Those of us who already own pieces by Kristie could choose to design with what we had on hand, which is what I did. 

2016 Art Charm Swap Reveal

September Design Challenge - Trees

For the month of September, my fellow Art Jewelry Elements teammate Caroline Dewison of Blueberri Beads selected the theme of "trees" for the quarterly challenge.

July Component of the Month Reveal - Fossilized Pebbles

The July Art Jewelry Elements component of the month design challenge was hosted by Lesley Watt, who provided this amazing fossilized pendants. I seriously love these so much and every idea I tried was a total bust and I want it to be PERFECT!!!

Summertime-a themed challenge

I absolutely adore summer. There are certain things which symbolize and signal summer. Lightening bugs (aka fireflies). Strawberries. Watermelon. Blueberries. American Flags. Red, white and blue decor. S'mores. Hot humid weather. Ice cream. Corn on the cob. BBQ's. Going to the lake (I live in landlocked Indiana with lots of lakes). Long lazy days. Reading. Sunglasses. Bathing suits. Picnics. Fireworks. 

May Component of the Month Reveal

2016 Art Charm Swap and Beads of Courage Benefit Auction Sign-Ups

Those of you who have been around a few years probably know I have hosted an annual themed charm swap and benefit auction for Beads of Courage for four or so years. I had to skip 2015 because I went back to college to finish a degree, which still isn't finished. 

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