Seed Pods - the July Theme Challenge Reveal

Now that we've careened through another month, it's time for an Art Elements theme challenge reveal, which, for the month of July, is seed pods. Below is a photo I took while standing under the Redbud tree while trimming it. It was dripping with seed pods that I never would have noticed if I hadn't been trimming it. I collected most of the pods off the branches I cut off the tree, and threw them into a container. 


July was a crazy month with travel, holidays, and family, which means I did not have time to give to this theme challenge like I really wanted to. I only managed to try a few gel prints one afternoon. They are basically all made the same: roll out some paint on the gel press, lay seed pods on top, lay paper on top of the seed pods and pick up as much paint as possible with the paper. Remove the paper, remove the seed pods, take a print. OR you can wait for the paint to dry then add a background paint. 


The photo above and below was my first print. I did not use a background paint on this one and just took the print. 

I also loved the paint on the seed pods. 

So I took the paint covered seed pods and pressed them onto a clean sheet of paper. 

The next 3 photos show the process for the second print. 



The next two photos show the procedure for the final prints of the session. This one I got a little exuberant with the paint and I ended up with some torn bits in there. I'd like to say I'll never do that again, but I probably will. 



Thanks for stopping by to see what I made. Now it's time to visit the rest of the July theme challenge artist blogs!

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Jen <----- you are here!


Rozantia Petkova

The results of your experiments are so very beautiful! I'm not familiar with gel printing technique but apparently the use of dried pods has contributed a lot to the final look! Its a cool way to interpret the theme! And I do like the print with just the pods - so modern art :)


Beautiful prints! I always like seeing art I don't know much about and the process behind it. I love especially the look of when you put the paint covered pods on the paper, so amazing!


I love the colors you chose for these prints. I know nothing about gel printing, but it looks like it would be a fun way for me to get paint all over me and my studio.


Love all your experiments with the pods but my absolute favorite is the printing from the painted pods themselves directly onto paper. WOW. JUST WOW.

Jill Egan

Oh wow you have been busy, my favourite is the pod prints, I love your choice of colours.

Susan Kennedy

Wow, love those prints, but for some reason I really really love the one on the clean white sheet of paper! You need to frame that!


Love the colors you've used! This is such a fun way to use pods (and paint :-) ) that I found myself looking around for other textured objects that could be used like this.

kathy Lindemer

I love the color palettes you used. It is interesting to see the variations in the sets of prints.

Kimberly Sturrup Roberts

The prints you made are great! I also love all the colored pods together. I tried using the pods as a stamp, but the ones I had didn't work so well.

Laney Mead

These prints are great, so colourful and vibrant :D


I love the painted, dried seedpods. Maybe strung up to shake and shimmy in the wind kind of like a windchime! Thanks for taking us on another glimpse inside your gel printing 'lab', every print is a new discovery.


Sure - you say you just managed to print one afternoon. But they are lush, and layered, and make me even more anxious to try Gelli printing!

Lesley Watt

Can't wait to have a go at this - ou make it seem like such fun and get such great results!


For me, you could go on and on showing monoprints! Ilove to see the textures, colours, how the different prints fit to each other, how different the first print and the last from the same plate can be! The pattern created by the seed pod is strangely abstract while still organic, really cool! Now the question remains.... what to make with the painted pods? ;)

Niky Sayers

These are so very cool, I am amazed at how many different effects you can get using just a gel plate, paint and seed pods. I especially love the paint covered seed pods on plain paper (it looks like an ancient forest) and the last photo, the colours and textures on this one are very appealing!


I love reading about your printing adventures Jen, everything you create looks amazing. I love how every step of the process can be used for different results.

Thank you for a brilliant theme, I really enjoyed your challenge!

Dry Gulch

Lovely paintings with a great medium. ☺

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