November Component of the Month Design Challenge Reveal with Guest Ceramic Artist Kristie Roeder


This month was a special design challenge over on Art Elements because we recruited guest component maker Kristie Roeder to host the challenge. She supplied six designers with the above ceramic and glass donuts. Those of us who already own pieces by Kristie could choose to design with what we had on hand, which is what I did. 

First up is this very large ceramic and glass donut I bought several years ago. 

I started this back at the beginning of September, but then couldn't find something I liked to fill the center of the donut. I took it with me when I went to visit Lesley in England the end of the month and she found the PERFECT Czech glass bead for the center.

The color was perfect. The size was perfect. Everything was perfect. I had intended to make this into a brooch, but decided it was just too heavy for that purpose. So I made it into a pendant and hung it on brown leather. 

It felt sort of like cheating to have known so far in advance that Kristie was hosting and for starting it so early. So I looked in my stash for a second one to use. (I might be hoarding lots of her work...). I settled on my absolute favorite piece. I cut off the wire and filed it down so I could do bead embroidery around it. 

I was so excited I actually shared the above in-progress photos on Instagram, but then remembered it's supposed to be a secret until the reveal and didn't share any more...even though I REALLY WANTED TO. 

Here's how it ended up. I'm totally keeping it for myself. 

Below are the links to the other design challenge participants' blogs. Click. Read. Tell them what you think of their designs. 

Guest Designers:

Sarajo Wentling

Lola Surwillo

Beti Horvath

Kate Kemp

ArtE Team:

Susan Kennedy

Lesley Watt

Claire Fabian

Jenny Davies-Reazor

Jen Cameron <---- YOU ARE HERE




Lesley Watt

I love both of these but that brown/turquoise combo is just devine...great bead choices!


These are both gorgeous! I love that you found the perfect bead for the inside of the first focal, as well as the depth of the beaded design you created around the second.


OMG! Both necklaces are gorgeous! I can't pick which one I like the best because I love both of them.


They're both gorgeous, I don't think I could pick a favourite! and your bead embroidery is so neat!

Susan Kennedy

Yes, they are both really awesome! Thanks for the idea of filling in the middle! LOVE both of them!

Beti Horvath

Great use of both pieces. Love the beadwork!


I have 2 things to say -
they are insanely gorgeous.
I am so proud of you. ( Not bc I doubt you in any way, but bc I taught you initially...) Your bead embroidery is perfect. I want to pet it.


Both pieces are perfect and your beadwork is exquisite!

Laney Mead

Wow love those pieces but that second one is totally gorgeous.


WOW! What stunning pieces Jen! I think they are both beautiful but that second one really is something special!


I love both pieces... but that second one is really breathtaking!


Finally getting a chance to blog hop and see everything I have missed lately. I just LOVE both pieces. The first one is so perfect with the bead in the center and the color choice of beads! But the second one....the color is mesmerizing. When I saw it on IG I fell in love with that piece. Again, your bead choices are just perfect.

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