February Component of the Month Reveal - Runes

It's the end of February, which means another Component of the Month Design challenge reveal, hosted by Niky Sayers. This also happens to be our last component of the month design challenge as we switch to a brand new format that will be more inclusive to ALL art forms and hopefully get people excited and motivated to participate on a regular basis. The first themed challenge is hosted by Cathy Spivey Mendola and the theme is NESTS. you can read all about it over at Art Elements.

Back to the current component of the month...Niky created these runes out of copper clay based on the Elder Futhark runes

The rune I received is the one that looks like an X but is the g rune called gyfu, which means "gift" or "generosity." I just love it so much. I immediately knew I wanted to either create a frame for it to set it off, or rivet it to another piece of metal to help frame and give it weight. It's much smaller than I expected. 

I'm also trying to use bits I already have on hand, which is probably making things much more difficult than they really need to be. The first idea I tried was to use really old pen nibs to create a frame. I liked the idea of a something used for writing paired with the rune, which was typically carved. Nope. That was horrible idea.

Plan B: I alredy have so many blanks and other bits I've created over the years that I would really like to use up rather than cutting a new piece of metal sheet. So I went through all my boxes and drawers and came across those woven bits that were supposed to be used in another piece (never finished) and kind of pod-shaped fine silver PMC pieces I made YEARS ago that I thought might look really cool. 

First I used some Jax Pewter Black on the woven piece because it was WAY too shiny and then used some 0000 steel wool to knock back some of the patina. (The one on the right is what it looked like pre-patina)

Then I started playing with different configurations. I didn't take photos of all the ideas, because some were pretty awful to my eyes.... You know how when you think you look amazing in the mirror and then you take a photo and you're like "wow. I walked around  looking like this all day and no one told me how terrible this looks?!?!" So...I use that to help me design sometimes. I will take a photo, then take a break and then look at the photos and examine them.

This exercise can really help when you're stuck in a direction to go next. It sort of helped me here. But I think I'm afraid of commitment because this is as far as I got. I know exactly how I want to finish the piece (large textured, possibly riveted jump ring, leather cord). But I cannot for the life of  me make a decision. Perhaps I need to do something entirely different and it's actually this combination that's managed to get me stuck. What do you think?

Anyway, that's it. I hope to finish it in the next couple days and I'll let you know what I decided. 

In the meantime, check out the other challenge participant blogs. They all made something amazing, I'm sure. 


Kelly Rodgers

Deb Fortin


Art Element Members:

Laney Mead

Lesley Watt

Caroline Dewison

Jenny Davies-Reazor

Susan Kennedy

Cathy Spivey Mendola

Jennifer Stout Cameron <---you are here

Claire Fabian

Lindsay M Starr

Niky Sayers



Lesley Watt

You've got some very interesting stuff going on there...I turned by computer 90º and actually like the first image with the pod piece horizontal...just to confuse you more!

Jennifer Cameron

Funny! I actually did try it horizontal and didn’t care for it. However, I may try it again now that I’ve had more time to consider because I do think it would lay better if it was horizontal...less likely to flip around all over the place. You actually turned your computer 90 degrees?


They're great components together! I like the second one but I'd align the weaving with the rune. Are we helping with the decision making? :D

Look forward to seeing what you decide!

Jennifer Cameron

Ha! Yes of course you’re helping


I really like the woven wire behind the rune. And I agree with Caroline the second photo where it is centered on the silver component but bring the wire in line. I think that would work great! Love your idea of mixing up the metals and textures. Can't wait to see it finished.


I love all the textures and components! Can't wait to see what configuration you decide on. My favorite is the very first picture - I like how it's symmetrical with the exception of the silver "fingers".

Laney Mead

ooo I like those woven pieces with the rune very much, I hope you show a photo when you have finished it :D

Jennifer Davies-Reazor

I love the variations, and the experimentation. I also take pix, walk away, and revisit a design later...it def. helps. One thing - is the silver piece too big? Is it becoming dominant ? Or is it jus time as I keep seeing surfboard? The woven element is fab - and I love that paired with the rune. I look forward to seeing this evolve.


I really love where this design is going Jen, the layered look is beautiful and I am really draw to the second photo, I love all the texture and the mixed metals and this really looks like something I would wear! Thank you so much for joining in X


Oh, I can so relate to all the bits and pieces of unfinished projects and spontaneous testings! I love the organic look of the woven wire piece and it fits wonderfully with the rune. My favorite is the upper left image with the weave under the rune. It looks so organic, nearly alive how the wires stick to the sides. To be honest, I even think this combination with leather or some chain and maybe some small accents would be perfect. As much as I love the look of the silver piece, it is so bright, that for me it steals the focus of darker rune a little bit.

Susan Kennedy

I do like the second photo as well, or the bottom right! Really cool that you have these cool components laying around! Can't wait to see what you decide!

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