Art Elements: May Component of the Month Design Challenge

Guess what time it is again? A hint...we've flown through another month so it's time for a design challenge reveal. 2017 is almost half over. Let that sink in for a minute and try not to get too depressed at how quickly time is flying. I posted the above photo on my Instagram account as a little teaser to what I doing for the design challenge.
Lesley Watt is the hostess for the Art Elements Component of the Month design challenge and she sent me one of the cabs from this photo:
I wanted to do bead embroidery for this piece and had several issues with finding beads I liked how they looked with the cab. I just love this gorgeous deep teal glaze that created a yummy tide pool depth. However, to me, the base color was almost a peach color. I wanted to bring out the teal and tone down the peach. So I struggled. Eventually I decided to just go all neutral and let the teal be the shining star while removing some of the visual weight of the peach with the lines of metallic bronze-y colored beads crossing over the cab (they are actually called olive, but don't look olive at all...). 
I haven't finished it yet as my weekend turned out busier than I anticipated, but I don't have a ton more to do. So here it is: 
I also added a copper ammonite disc by Kristi Bowman that I've had in my stash FOREVER (or maybe it's been like 6 years. Could be either one).
I hope to get this finished up today and post the finished product tonight or tomorrow. This is definitely not my typical look or colors to work with and I don't usually like to work this big. However, I was trying to work outside my usual formula. And it was made all the more enjoyable because I listened to Neil Gaiman narrate his new audiobook Norse Mythology while I worked, so now I will always associate this piece with stories of Odin, Loki, Thor and all the other characters. 
This is a design challenge reveal with several participants. Please take a look at what they've created using Lesley's gorgeous ceramic pendants and cabs. 
Art Elements team
Laney Mead
Jen Cameron <---- You are here



Fabulous! Gorgeous colours and textures and going outside of your comfort zone obviously paid off...I could see a Norse influence too. Thanks for taking part.

Cathy Mendola

Going outside your comfort zone definitely paid off. Love the colors you chose and that dark peachy ammonite really c omplements Lesley's beautiful cab. Can't wait to see the finished piece!

Laney Mead

I love how your colour choices have influenced the aura of the piece, that lovely soft pink glow, reminds me of rock pooling on a summers day :D

Susan Kennedy

Jen, I love the colors you chose to pair the cab with and the copper ammonite is really a great addition, can't wait to see it done!


That's looking gorgeous! The colours remind me of an old relic... with the ammonite at the top, it could be a goddess.


OK - I have that book on my Kindle I need to go add Audio sync.

Jen - thats way cool - I like the copper of Kristi's - it plays well with what you were calling peachy - but is still a metallic neutral. What gave you the idea for the beaded lines over top? They are unusual and unexpected, and visually interesting!

Lindsay S

I love the red tones you brought in. I think they contrast and perfectly set off the teal pools. I loved playing with different seed beads, but ended up turning my own piece more towards the teal end...It's so neat how two components in the same colors can inspire us so differently!

Karen Totten

Gorgeous! Loved how you expanded the palette.


Jen, I love your choice of beads, those rustic green ones give your piece a lovely ancient feel and the reds are so vibrant and pair with the ammonite disc perfectly . I would never have thought to bead over the top of a piece but your lines work wonderfully with the design of the cab!

Jess Green

Love this mix of warm and cool tones in this piece - can't wait to see the finished result!


It's looking amazing so far... I hope you'll share the finished product when it's ready!


That's looking gorgeous! The colours remind me of an old relic... with the ammonite at the top, it could be a goddess.

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