April Component of the Month Reveal

April was my month to host the Art Elements Component of the Month Design Challenge. When I originally started making this style of beads for the design challenge, I had the Northern Lights in mind, which is why they have dichroic glass as one of the interior layers for a flash of sparkle and light. However, as I made more, they continued to evolve so that I think they’ve lost the feel of the original inspiration and are more ocean than heavens. Ironically, while designing my piece for the reveal, my brain also immediately went to ocean theme.

Because I was uninspired by my own bead, I really struggled. But then yesterday evening, I finally hit on an idea I liked and am still trying to work it out and try to keep from getting too tangled. Here's a sneak peek of what I am thinking so far, while I finish it up and wait for daylight to take photos. 

LOTS of waxed linen, one lampwork focal, and some Roman glass I've been hoarding FOREVER.

Cutting, organizing, knotting, etc takes FOREVER...I had no idea it would be this complicated. Next up is to tear the studio apart to find some appropriate cones and clasp. 


Make sure you visit the other designers to see what they've created with my beads. Don't forget to leave a comment telling them how brilliant they are. 

Guest Designers:

Sarajo Wentling

Deb Stewart

Art Elements Team:

Sue Kennedy

Laney Mead

Lesley Watt

Claire Fabian

Karen Totten

Cooky Schock

Jenny Davies-Reazor

Caroline Dewison

Cathy Spivey Mendola

Niky Sayers

Lindsay Starr

Jen Cameron <-------YOU ARE HERE



Rozantia Petkova

I cant believe you didn't feel inspired by those gorgeous creations! The idea looks promising and of the statement kind! The roman glass looks much like sea glass and would be perfect to surround the swirling ocean bead!

Lesley Watt

Ooh can't wait to see how this turns out....definitely has the makings!


you finished yet :D looking forward to seeing those discs combined with the glass bead, which by the way was totally inspiring!!

Cathy Mendola

I can't believe you weren't inspired by your lovely beads! I think the direction you are heading is going to be fabulous though.
Can't wait to see it completed. Thanks for making these beauties;-)

Susan Kennedy

Jen, I love your beads, they were really great! Can't wait to see what you do with the roman glass!

Cooky Schock

Hard to believe you weren't inspired because your beads sure inspired us! I love Roman glass-perfect compliment to the bead.


That's going to be stunning Jen, I love the beads you've matched together! Thanks for a beautiful component, I've had fun with your challenge!

Karen Totten

I love this Jen - the roman glass textures and the multi strand linen, there is an ease about them that perfectly compliments the watery quality of your bead.

Sarajo Wentling

I love where you're going with this and can't wait to see the finished necklace! Thanks again for the lovely beads you shared with us!

Lesley Watt

Looks fabulous!


I love what you have dreamed up! Did this come from late nights and wine? Or coffee? Because I want to think more outside my own boxes... Its gorgeous - and these are gorgeous beads! Thank you! Wow Waxed linen is never my go to...


Beautiful design Jen! The beads are just perfect and then you add Roman glass, so of course I am totally in love! A beautiful statement necklace without being over whelming and thank you so much for the amazing bead!

patty miller

All I have to say is sublime...........the colors are tdf and the balance of the piece is wonderful. although that could change since I do not see a clasp and I would love to see how you finished the necklace. Glorious perfection!

Lori Anderson

OMG OMG OMG. First, how did I miss these beads? Second, I would seriously buy that necklace, if it's still in your inventory (which I'm sure it isn't -- but I would buy another!) Message me if you can!


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