AJE April Component of the Month Reveal

Yours truly was the hostess for the April Component of the month over at Art Jewelry Elements. I decided to provide headpins this time. The choice was between Murrini topped headpins:

Glass Addictions by Jen Cameron murrini glass headpins

    Or copper spiral encased in glass headpins:

Glass Addictions by Jen Cameron spiral bubble glass headpins

  I used a couple of very pale pink spiral headpins (difficult to see the color in the photo) plus a couple of cones (usually used on the ends of bracelets and necklaces) to make a pair of earrings. I actually made several pairs similar to this in different colors and different cone styles. However, I sold all but this pair a couple weeks ago.  

Spiral lampwork headpin earrings jen cameron glass addictions

Unfortunately I have not had time to add either style of headpin to my etsy shop. While I do have some still floating around, most would be made to order anyway. So if you would like some headpins, please leave a comment below or email me at jennifer.glassaddictions@gmail.com so we can discuss colors, etc.

Make sure to stop by and see the other designers. The links are located at Art Jewelry Elements or you can go directly to their blogs from here.

Guest Designers:

Erin Prais-Hintz

Kathy Lindemer

Alice Peterson

AJE Team:

Susan Kennedy

Jenny Davies-Reazor

Lesley Watt

Melissa Meman

Linda Landig

Jen Cameron <-----you are here

On May 1st (tomorrow), Sue Kennedy will be announcing her May Component of the Month. Make sure you stop by Art Jewelry Elements tomorrow for more details on how you can be a guest designer.


Lesley Watt

Gorgeous! I love the way the pins mirror the pattern on the cones. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to work with your lovely headpins.


Jenifer, I want to thank you for hosting this challenge and for your generosity with your lovely headpins!! I enjoyed this challenge very much.

Your earrings are beautiful and very elegant!

Can you let me know the price of these headpins?

Thanks again!!


Super cool creation Jen, love your earrings!! Love your headpins and so sad I had to pass up participating in the challenge once again. Hopefully I'll be back with it soon.

Melissa Meman

Jen...love those cones! The thing I like about the copper spiral within the glass bead is the color it takes on. Thanks for hosting and giving us such beautiful components to work with!

Erin Prais-Hintz

Thank you, Miss Jennifer, for allowing me the honor of working with your pretty glass headpins! I really love your earring design. Very stylish and could be made with so many colors! I enjoyed playing in this round of the Component of the Month challenge. Thank you for sharing your talent with us! Enjoy the day. Erin


Still so much prettier that what I have come up with so far! LOL Thank you for hosting this!


I was tempted to request Murrini glass because they are just delicious but I am glad I left it up to you. My whole piece was designed around the color and the spiral - I love spirals - and the earrings you made are stunners.

Linda Landig


I'd never thought of using your headpins with cones--that's brilliant! I love the look. Thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous headpins with us!

Susan Kennedy

I LOVE your earrings, what a great idea to use the cones! Thank you so much for the headpins, it was a great challenge!


I'd like more information on buying your murrini headpins in both sterling and gold plate in pairs of various colors. What is the size of the murrini ends and the thickness of the headpin? Price for, say, a dozen?

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