January Use Your Stash Design Challenge

We are already 1/12 of the way through 2018 and I'm still not really used to writing 2018 yet...You know how at the beginning of every year all the stores beef up their organizing accessories and plastic bins sections and people all seem to want to organize after the holidays? Well, over at Art Elements, we're considering our readers and their already gorgeous and hidden stash of components. The challenge is open to all participants using any media they prefer. They just have to use some kind of handcrafted art component in their work. 

September Component of the Month

And another month just flew that it's already time for another Component of the Month reveal, hosted by Laney Mead, one of my Art Elements teammates. She made these super cute ZomBEES, which are so dainty and adorable, I didn't want to overpower mine with too much "stuff." I seriously considered making a simple child's necklace to give to a friend's 3 year old daughter, but decided against it because that seemed like cheating. 

Art Elements: May Component of the Month Design Challenge

Guess what time it is again? A hint...we've flown through another month so it's time for a design challenge reveal. 2017 is almost half over. Let that sink in for a minute and try not to get too depressed at how quickly time is flying. I posted the above photo on my Instagram account as a little teaser to what I doing for the design challenge.

April Component of the Month Reveal

April was my month to host the Art Elements Component of the Month Design Challenge. When I originally started making this style of beads for the design challenge, I had the Northern Lights in mind, which is why they have dichroic glass as one of the interior layers for a flash of sparkle and light. However, as I made more, they continued to evolve so that I think they’ve lost the feel of the original inspiration and are more ocean than heavens. Ironically, while designing my piece for the reveal, my brain also immediately went to ocean theme.

February Component of the Month Reveal - Healed Hearts

When Jenny was making these polymer clay hearts, she had the idea of "Kinsugi" in mind, in which a broken piece of pottery is repaired and the repair embellished with gold leaf. I absolutely LOVE them. And as usual, I forgot to take a photo of it before starting. 

Dragons - The December Theme Challenge Reveal

Art Elements hosts a quarterly themed challenge, and for the final challenge of 2016, the theme was dragons. I love dragons and would have loved to participate more fully, but December y'all. Plus I'm not super awesome at getting things done in advance as my super power alias is "The Procrastinator." Also, I had surgery the 22nd and on crutches for 6 weeks afterwards, which didn't help much. But enough with the lame excuses!  

I first considered doing something in dragon scale chainmaille weave since it's one of my favorite weaves visually and I haven't done chainmaille in a loooong time. Then I never got around to ordering rings. So that is a problem. Here's a piece I made back in 2012 (!) with a dragon scale weave in the center section.



November Component of the Month Design Challenge Reveal with Guest Ceramic Artist Kristie Roeder


This month was a special design challenge over on Art Elements because we recruited guest component maker Kristie Roeder to host the challenge. She supplied six designers with the above ceramic and glass donuts. Those of us who already own pieces by Kristie could choose to design with what we had on hand, which is what I did. 

2016 Art Charm Swap Reveal

September Design Challenge - Trees

For the month of September, my fellow Art Jewelry Elements teammate Caroline Dewison of Blueberri Beads selected the theme of "trees" for the quarterly challenge.

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