November Theme Challenge Reveal - Stars

What day is it again? Good grief. I had loads of plans for the star theme, including doing a linocut to make Christmas cards, but then I blinked and November was over. 

A few months ago I had purchased the cutest star pattern (before I knew this was a challenge theme) from designer Hunter Hammersen called Scintillation. But I never got around to trying it. Below is what these stars are supposed to look like. 

Faeries - The September Theme Challenge Reveal

With the end of September, we're 3/4 of the way through the year! WHAT??? Caroline selected the really cool theme of faeries for the challenge this month. I wish I could have done it justice, but I am in and out of town so frequently, I just don't have time to do any theme justice right now. Hopefully things will slow down in a couple months. 

Swirls - The August Theme Challenge Reveal

I FINALLY got my blog to cooperate with uploading photos...a bit late in the reveal. The theme challenge was swirl. I used one of Lesley Watt's ceramic cabs as the centerpiece for a bead embroidered pendant. 

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Seed Pods - the July Theme Challenge Reveal

Now that we've careened through another month, it's time for an Art Elements theme challenge reveal, which, for the month of July, is seed pods. Below is a photo I took while standing under the Redbud tree while trimming it. It was dripping with seed pods that I never would have noticed if I hadn't been trimming it. I collected most of the pods off the branches I cut off the tree, and threw them into a container. 


Tide Pools - The May Theme Design Challenge Reveal

Over at Art Elements, Lesley challenged the team and our readers to use tide pools as the inspiration for May's design challenge. I haven't really made any jewelry in months. I was kind of missing it, even though I keep thinking about getting rid of all my jewelry making supplies. So I pulled out some of my supplies that made me think of tide pools, in particular the crustiness and the small lifeforms that reside in tide pools. This is by no means every piece that qualifies for the tide pool category. 

Art Elements April Theme Challenge: Horses

Over at Art Elements, we decided the current monthly component of the month challenge was beginning to feel stale. So we decided to mix things up by revamping the format into monthly themed challenges with a giveaway drawing for a randomly selected guest participant. For the month of April, the theme was horses. It can be any media, any technique, and open to every maker, it just needs to somehow be an interpretation of the theme. 

February Component of the Month Reveal - Runes

It's the end of February, which means another Component of the Month Design challenge reveal, hosted by Niky Sayers. This also happens to be our last component of the month design challenge as we switch to a brand new format that will be more inclusive to ALL art forms and hopefully get people excited and motivated to participate on a regular basis. The first themed challenge is hosted by Cathy Spivey Mendola and the theme is NESTS. you can read all about it over at Art Elements.

January Use Your Stash Design Challenge

We are already 1/12 of the way through 2018 and I'm still not really used to writing 2018 yet...You know how at the beginning of every year all the stores beef up their organizing accessories and plastic bins sections and people all seem to want to organize after the holidays? Well, over at Art Elements, we're considering our readers and their already gorgeous and hidden stash of components. The challenge is open to all participants using any media they prefer. They just have to use some kind of handcrafted art component in their work. 

September Component of the Month

And another month just flew that it's already time for another Component of the Month reveal, hosted by Laney Mead, one of my Art Elements teammates. She made these super cute ZomBEES, which are so dainty and adorable, I didn't want to overpower mine with too much "stuff." I seriously considered making a simple child's necklace to give to a friend's 3 year old daughter, but decided against it because that seemed like cheating. 

Art Elements: May Component of the Month Design Challenge

Guess what time it is again? A hint...we've flown through another month so it's time for a design challenge reveal. 2017 is almost half over. Let that sink in for a minute and try not to get too depressed at how quickly time is flying. I posted the above photo on my Instagram account as a little teaser to what I doing for the design challenge.
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