Welcome to Glass Addictions by Jen Cameron

Transforming molten glass into unique functional and wearable glass art. 


2014 Art Charm Swap/Beads of Courage Benefit Sign-Ups

are happening right now, through September 10th. Space is limited.

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Jen Cameron 2013 Art Charm


Some recent work made for Bead Fest, before removing from mandrels or cleaning. 

Here's the rest of the beads from yesterday. The one on the right is hideous. The rest are decent, but not my favorites. #glassaddictions  #lampwork #thisartistslife #beadfestphilly   This morning's kiln harvest. Lots of flowers. Not too shabby for having to take lots of breaks. #lampwork #headpins #glassaddictions #beadfestphilly   What I managed during first torch session post broken arm. I have to work much slower and pay more attention to body mechanics, but I did it!!! I broke it 3 weeks ago today and had surgery two days later. #physicaltherapy #glassaddictions #lampwork #headp   A couple of the focals from yesterday's torch session. #glassaddictions #lampwork #thisartistslife #beadfestphilly