Welcome to Glass Addictions by Jen Cameron

Transforming molten glass into unique functional and wearable glass art. 


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Booth 473A, August 22-24 (scroll down for an admission coupon)

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A few things of the things I've been working on (uncleaned and/or still on mandrels):

Here's the rest of the beads from yesterday. The one on the right is hideous. The rest are decent, but not my favorites. #glassaddictions  #lampwork #thisartistslife #beadfestphilly   This morning's kiln harvest. Lots of flowers. Not too shabby for having to take lots of breaks. #lampwork #headpins #glassaddictions #beadfestphilly   What I managed during first torch session post broken arm. I have to work much slower and pay more attention to body mechanics, but I did it!!! I broke it 3 weeks ago today and had surgery two days later. #physicaltherapy #glassaddictions #lampwork #headp   A couple of the focals from yesterday's torch session. #glassaddictions #lampwork #thisartistslife #beadfestphilly